Kern county roofing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and credit cards

Do you follow any privacy policy?

Yes. We respect your privacy, and that very much includes your personal details. Please read our Privacy Policy page for more information.

How do I know whether I need a roof renovation or a new roof?

Have a certified roofing contractor inspect your roof. They will tell you whether your roof can be repaired or if it needs replacement.

I want a new roof for my home. How many types of roofs are available?

Thanks to new technology, you have plenty of options to choose from. We can’t possibly list all of them here, so we advise you to contact one of our trained representatives today.

Who is responsible for roof debris removal?

We are responsible for daily roof debris removal. That means you won’t be seeing a bunch of messy containers in front of your property!

How long will you take to complete my project?

Most jobs will take from on three to five days. But keep in mind that the amount of work required varies from project to project. We will inform you about the estimated completion time before starting the project.

How much will a new roof cost?

The cost of your a roof will depend on the size, slope and the number of existing roof layers.

Should I pull my own permit if a contractor asks me to?

No, you should never pull your own permit. A permit holder is responsible for any liability from a roofing project. This means that if you have pulled your own permit and a worker gets injured at the construction site,then you will become responsible for his medical expenses. The permit process is designed to protect the public from unlicensed and uninsured people whopretend that they know the business.

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